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Wednesday, March 01, 2017
By Jessica Rhoad
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                       I remember bringing this sweetheart home from the hospital and I was instantly madly in love with her and it continues to grow today. She's now two teeth less, taller and more lean then i was at her age, full of spunk, and a drive to be a perfectionist. I love being apart of her life and I let her know every second of everyday how much I value and love her to pieces.

                     Her 6th Birthday was February 25th and she wanted to have a unicorn glitter party with her friends. So i opened the studio to the girls, brought in someone to do their hair and make-up, bought them all glitter dresses, ordered a unicorn cake, took their pictures with glitter, and we played games. She was so excited for the day and I feel so lucky I was able to do it for her and her friends. Something I will cherish for years to come.  My husband Brayden & I were laughing so hard through out the day with their conversations, "you guys have been friends for like ever" :P 

                    Here are some of my favorites from the girls too cute to not share and If you ever want to rent out the studio for your child birthday party let me know,

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